Teaching Your Kids Classroom Life Skills


High school kids can ease their transition to college by mastering these practical life skills before they head to school. One of the most common advice from parents whose kids are going off to college is teaching them how to wash their clothes properly. However, there are a few more practical skills that can help them make a transition to college easier. Some of the skills that parents can actually teach their children are listed below. First, it is important that you teach your kids how to plan. This is because creating and following a schedule will help the teen manage their time. If they can use a calendar to help keep track of their practical responsibilities, it will help them be successful in college.

Parents must make sure that their kids understand the basics of money management before heading out. One of the things that the parent can teach is how to maintain a budget and paying bills. They should also be taught how the student loan debt will affect their lives after school. Teach them that the decisions made on a daily and even monthly basis will lead to a larger experience.

If possible, teach the student how to study effectively, even if they did well in high school. The student should be able to look at what they are supposed to read and only pick out what is important rather than reading for hours and underlining text. The student should be able to make a list of what they are supposed to know and test themselves many times before the main test is done. One of the major issues on campus is safety and sexual assault. School to prison pipeline solutions is important that you teach the teen how to practice safety habits which includes being mindful of their surroundings. It is also important that you emphasize that they should maintain a healthy lifestyle like how to navigate to the pharmacy, changing doctor and even fill prescriptions.

For the first year of college, most students will live on-campus but for the freshmen that live off campus, they need to know how to hunt for apartments. You must explain to the student the responsibility that comes with signing a lease for example and how to get a security deposit back. The student at life skills curriculum will also need to know how to get around town and even how to change a tire. If you teach the kids all these life skills, their life on-campus will run smoothly.

Visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-carol-morgan/why-dont-we-teach-life-sk_b_9662958.html for more facts.


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